Welcome to Raised On A Bus. My name is Skye and I’ll be your driver on this hellish yet entertaining journey through my life experience as a queer kid growing up on a tour bus full of southern gospel singing evangelists. Sounds fun, right? Here I’ll write about what childhood was like as I sat on the front row pew of hundreds of churches, ate thousands of pot luck dinners, and developed my relationship with the demon of rebellion. You think I’m kidding? Stay tuned.


Upcoming posts will include these and more topics:


  • religious home-school and it’s unintended disastrous effects
  • day to day life on the road
  • growing up queer in a hyper-religious environment
  • sexual oppression and abuse
  • mental illness
  • religious indoctrination (think Jesus Camp)
  • trying to learn how to be a functioning adult



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